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Видео от Джон О'нийл

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Interesting, it's been a long time since I read any of the books...
a lot of years and some evolution.....
It'll be interesting to read them through my new eyes.
So, when Don Juan speaks of death,
he's talking about one specific Hell Realm where he ended up in the past.....
The things he says about what happens there are True....
you actually forget yourself....
lose your old living identity, memory etc.
There is what I call Momentum...it carries you along...
I believe it is analogous to what we call “Time” here....
But what he is saying seems fairly limited...like he hasn't seen the Big Picture,
just the Hell Realm that he resonated with when he crossed over.
  But there are a bunch...it's all about frequency and Vibration....
Colour as the old Mystics would call it....
And our particular Colour when we die determines what we will resonate with and if we aren't disciplined....or I suppose if we're the old type sorcerers..... we will Be pulled into one that resonates similar to us.
Different Cultures, different histories, different ideologies vibrate differently enough that multiple Heavens and Hells have been created...
and are still being created.
I've heard of folks through a friend that was basically  doing the Yoga of the Death state like I did,
but  they pulled in,
and never made it out....
their body took a while, then died......

I was lucky, my teachers pulled me out.
  But while I was there I did totally lose who I was in this reality,
memory and all...
in fact had a totally different memory and self.....and was a pretty major asshole....though in that place it was more a Norm.

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You are here » Форум Кастанеда » Материали на чужди езици » Видео от Джон О'нийл